Contact Details

CHAIR: Phyll McBain

SECRETARY:  Anna Fancette

TREASURER:  Phyll McBain

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Carrie Keys, Ailsa Dixon & Cara Roberts.

It is the nature of groups and we are no different than any other that we have a management committee.  Who plan our events and work to bring as many people to our group of fans of storytelling. 

You are welcome to come along to our events and why not try us out now when we are on Zoom.  Pop in and find out for yourself what a friendly group of chatter boxes we are, 

The joy of telling and sharing stories is what we are all about.  You may get the buzz, to get more involved and you would be more than welcome to do so. 

How can you become involved within GAS.  Come along and listen to our tellers, for what is the point of telling if we have no one to tell our stories to.  

Bring your stories to our open mic events and share them with us, Our Friday Flings is a perfect way to come and tell for the first time.  You will get the buzz and come back again and again.  

Now once you have become hooked on the craft of storytelling you can always get more involved and become a member.  Yes we would love to get the chance for our committee to grow but we know that would scare you off so just come along and have fun with stories.

The e mail address above will get you direct to our secretory who will pass on as required within our committee.  If you have any feedback for us we are always interested in what our site visitors think of our page.


13th October 2022

If you have any feedback for the committee then do not hesitate to contact us. Hearing from our audience is very special to us, it allows us to adapt our events.