Workshop for beginning Storytellers

Three workshops

Three themes

1 Point of View

2 Bare Bones

3 Pacing Your Story

March 16th on Zoom at 7pm

We are on our way with the advertisement for our three mini workshops for up-and-coming tellers. What a great opportunity to bring a story along the the three workshop and in August we are planning an event where you can tell your story to an audience.

You must admit you are feeling the buzz and are thinking of getting involved. Come on have a go, you will love it.

March, April and May. Three workshop each the week after our Friday Fling. Giving the opportunity to learn the craft of storytelling. Follow this up at our Friday Fling where you can find a friendly space to tell. Where you will have listeners and storytellers who all at some point also had L Plates on as storytellers. We all know what it takes to tell that first story and then to come back and do it again and again.