Our Next Event is 19th November 2021 7pm on Zoom.

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Now this is something new for GAS

Twinning toilets is the goal of this origination, to help provide a toilet through out the world where what we take for granted is not in there everyday.

So we will be joining Jackie Ross in this fund rising event and your name will go in the hat and you may just end up with a toilet named after yourself

23nd October 2021 19-30 to 20-30

What Language Do Mermaids Speak?

Scottish Storytelling Centre (Can be viewed on Scottish Storytelling Centre Facebook Page)

Imagine the scene – a North-East fisherman encounters a mermaid. What will happen? How will they react? Will these two, from very different worlds, find a way to communicate? Join Khloud Ereksousi (Arabic), Craig McCulloch (BSL), Ailsa Dixon (English), Jackie Ross (Doric) and Alex Thomson (Visual) as they retell the family story of Fittie’s Purse, in multiple languages.

Now this is an interesting way to share a story. Defiantly worth listening too. All for new ways to bring us all together and why not with story.

20th October 2021

Ah there is so much choice of things to do over the next few weeks and then we are into Halloween. If you are a teller remember to keep at your own stories, get into the mix of your story, look for that hook to pull your listener right into your story. Is it the title, is your lead into the story, Is it the first line.

Have you a repeat in your story that helps to learn the story for telling, or is in the detail, that little bit of magic you have woven into your tale that will hold your listener to the end. Watch and listen while you are at these wonderful events with The Scottish Storytelling International Festival you will learn while you have fun listening to other tellers.

19th October 2021


Now this is something to have a go at. If you can think of someone who would you create a talking statue off. Is it a family member, someone who has done you a good turn that you can’t repay or have not repaid yet.

If you want to get involved with this how about these workshops some of these are free so have ago get involved, it might be what you need to try out some storytelling for the first time. Go on have a go.

18th October 2021

Now you can’t say we have not gone outside the box with this one. But what fun.

Working with other to help spread the word of what we are doing at GAS is something we have already done this season and it certinnally brought new people to our events.

So along with other tellers we will have the chance to be real storytellers and submit our stories for approval to tell. Grown up storytelling and why not, it’s a good teaching point that there is discipline required even at such a fun event.

Something different.

Now watch this space as we try out some different things at our Friday Flings this year.

One or two wee surprises, maybe, or maybe not, then again, you never know.

We are storytellers we do not give it all away at once, we tease.

We will tell you about the 19th November 2021 soon.

17th October 2021

Partnerships, something which we are working on this year. Ways that we can work with other origination’s to develop the craft of Storytelling.

Now this may be in workshops, arranging Guest Tellers, or just doing something we have not done before.

Diversity in our programme hopefully sharing the enjoyment of oral storytelling.

16th October 2021

The weekly storytelling question is up and running on our Facebook page, click the link above to reach. It’s all about Unicorns. Tell us why you think a Unicorn may just have a bad day. You will learn things new. I have just found out there is a National Unicorn Day and next year it is Saturday the 9th April 2022. Now let us start to plan what we can do next year on the 9th of April.

TONIGHT Friday 15th October 2021, Late.

Guest Teller Zahra Afsah was exquisite. What a wonderful journey, so beautifully interwoven with story and information, told with grace and given true delight. Those who were there will remember the stories. Zahra said there is nothing better than telling a story. Listening to one is also a magical experience.

Friday 15th October 2021 am

Been getting more and more excited about tonight’s storytelling. It has arrived in a few hours time we will be taken to different places, meeting different characters, finding new stories, from a far away place.

Come along and be transported by story.

Surprises, the unexpected and much much more on offer for your imagination tonight.

Friday 15th October at 7pm on Zoom

We are delighted at GAS to welcome Zahra to our Friday Fling 15th October 2021 in partnership with Scottish Storytelling International Festival. Zahra will tell us of her homeland of Iran, planning to give us a lasting taste of her homeland and its people, weaving tales with background knowledge of the oral tradition in Iran while sharing tales she grew up with.

This is an event which is free to join so come along and you will have a wonderful evening listen to stories, with a wee question and answer session. If there is time some stories from the audience. Come along and enjoy the craft of storytelling.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 847 3199 5995Passcode: story

Wednesday 13th October 2021 Spooky an Sinister Tales fae the North-East and Imagine the Best Musician: Storytelling with Usifu Jalloh Two events in partnership with Scottish Storytelling International Festival. We are flooded with great events just now.

Tuesday 12th October 2021

The Scottish Storytelling International Festival is on the go. Check out there web page for more details. We are doing our best at GAS to keep you informed on our Facebook page. Fanatic that we have so many storytelling opportunities while a festival is on, it’s grand that a fair few are local events not everything is based in Edinburg.

Saturday 9th October 2021

The Storytelling Questions have taken on a life of there own, question No 10 has just been posted on the Facebook page. So jump onto our Facebook page and tell us “How dragons blow out candles?” Our fun way to involve our Facebook audience in looking for answers to question which will help your storytelling. It is entirely up to you how the questions and the answers can be used by you to work on a story find a story or practice a story. So far there has been some real gems of advice given.

Now you may be asking what is a Friday Fling. Fun. It is as simple as that. An opportunity to have fun with stories. You may be someone who wishes to learn about storytelling, well our Friday Fling is a great way to find out. You can listen, you can take part. You can learn. You will be amazed at where you end up travelling as teller transport you to a place, a time or with a character who intrigues you. You may laugh, or cry, some have been even known to jump. You will have fun with friendly flocks who love the craft of storytelling.

Now Friday Fling sadly is not every Friday, it tends to be the second Friday of the month. We are on Zoom just now. Yes it has it’s disadvantages, it also has it’s advantages. It is a place where you can join in and tell a wee tale, you can sit back and listen. We ask very little apart from keep your stories to around ten minuities which allows as many to tell, over the two hours we meet, half way through we have a wee brake. If we were meeting face to face you would have been given the chance of a cup of tea and a fancy piece, Now we just give you the time to boil your own kettle and take a peak in the cookie jar. The coming Friday fling is a guest teller, which will have Zahra telling tales for the first half, a wee break and a wee question and answer session, if there is time we may be able to let some tell. When we have a open fling anyone can tell, all we ask is to keep it to around 10 minutes to allow as many to tell as we can.

Now watch this space as we try out some different things at our Friday Flings this year. One or two wee surprises, maybe, or maybe not, then again, you never know. We are storytellers we do not give it all away at once, we tease.